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Author Topic: Arma 3 Desolation Redux Updates  (Read 432 times)

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Arma 3 Desolation Redux Updates
« on: November 02, 2017, 07:11:55 PM »


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there is an update that will be coming over the weekend for the Arma 3 server if all goes well

this is what we will be looking at from BigBen one of the devs over at Desolation Redux mod

Version 0.2.1 is getting pushed to our in house test server for some live testing.  If all checks out well, we will be pushing an update Sunday afternoon.  Current changelog.
Client Files
    Added: Two missing item icon paths (antibiotics & rice)
    Added: M500 pump animations and config
    Added: DSR_Item_redApple
    Added: New geometry to cooling tower bottom
    Added: Ladder to cooling tower platform
    Added: Pickaxe sounds for mining
    Added: Ziptie model for capture
    Added: Count 200 to DSR_Item_Lighter
    Fixed: Missing weights for hiking backpack/added autocenter
    Fixed: Spelling error on M500 gesture call
    Fixed: Pump action weapon EH
    Fixed: Mask picture path (added \)
    Fixed: Weapon accessory fix
    Fixed: Missing letter in storage shed model.cfg sectionsInherit
    Tweaked: Lowered access range for crate inventory to .02m
    Tweaked: Statement code for house_2t2 door 9 and 10
    Tweaked: Increased the storage capacity of Lvl 3 player house
    Tweaked: Moved storage rack and spotlight on suv2 forward

Server Files
    Added: Enabled pain/shaking
    Added: New animations for eating and drinking
    Added: Check if cargo ammount is actually a number
    Added: Gutting animals
    Added: Pain effects and treatments for them
    Added: Refueling now possible from all malden fuelstations
    Added: Mining for rocks
    Added: Surrender plugin
    Fixed: AutoRun timings and removed ability to run with a weapon
    Fixed: Self Bandaging
    Fixed: UH1H spawn location on hospital
    Fixed: Missing semicolon in fn_setupLoadout.sqf
    Fixed: Passwords no longer show up in rpt
    Fixed: fn_spawnFromDB changed isEqualTo to isEqualType
    Fixed: Possible fix for banning players who enter spawned vehicles
    Fixed: fn_initTime.sqf error in rpt (removed ds_antigammafilter)
    Fixed: Moving objects now tied to object owner.  No more moving others objects
    Removed: DB fn_killVehicle types


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