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Welcome to is an online gaming community started in 2006 by Shane, This community has been active over a few different games including SoF2, CoD4, MW2, BF3, MoH Warfighter, Left 4 Dead 2 and Now in DayZ standalone.

To Join you just need to post on our website under clan recruitment
Yes we do have membership restrictions in relation to age of members, the main body of our community are over 18yrs old, but we do have younger members who have shown that they are mature in their attitude towards game play
We do not restrict membership on playing skill but do ask if you are new to the game that you try to learn the map so during the PVP matches you are able to understand where the action is and how to get there without another member holding your hand
TeamSpeak 3 is a MUST with playing as a clan as we use it each and every time we play

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